Becoming Your Unique Next Best Self™

Financial Assistance Application

Assistance given based on funds available. Submission of application does not guarantee acceptance into the intensive or financial assistance with tuition. We will contact you to discuss your application and assistance request.


Important Dates:

passed–November 30, 2018 — Early Bird Price Application and Payment Due
December 21, 2018 — All Applications Deadline
January 4, 2019 — All Payment or Payment Arrangement Sign Up Deadline

Things to Know:

  • Class Starts Second Week of January 2019

  • Payment or payment arrangement is taken after acceptance into the intensive program.

  • Submission of Application does not guarantee acceptance into intensive program.

Application Instructions:

  • Complete all sections in the application below.

  • Questions can be written in a word processor and pasted into the text box.

  • All information is private between you and the teachers of the intensive.

Financial Assistance Options*:

  • 20% Financial Aid — You Pay $1,200 or 3 payments of $400
    1 Applicant chosen

  • 40% Financial Aid — You Pay $900 or 3 payments of $300
    1 Applicant chosen

  • 60% Financial Aid — You Pay $600 or 3 payments of $200
    2 Applicants chosen

    *numbers based on full-house scenario.



Name *
Select the financial aid option you are requesting should you be accepted into the intensive program. Financial aid funds are limited. All applications are first come, first serve.
Questions. Be as specific or general as you'd like.
Copy/Paste from word processor or type in below.
Why did you decide to explore this intensive program?
Are you committed to let go of the victim mindset?
What does emerging into your unique Next Best Self™ mean to you?
Are you committed to invest your time and energy to attain the results you desire?
We get results based on what we put in to a situation. What results do you hope to attain through this intensive? Are you ready to invest the time and focus to make the most of this intensive?
Please explain a little bit about your life circumstances that causes you to request aid?
Part of this transformational intensive is the investment you make toward your success. Please share with us your plan to cover your part should you receive the aid you’re requesting?