The Journey Together


We each, individually, think we got this. We KNOW we’ve got this. Our friends and followers send us supportive quotes about how we’ve got this. In some ways, from some perspectives, they are right. AND there is much more to the story. 

We are hardwired to connect, to need connection.

And we are hard wired to have at least some degree of autonomy. Learning to live in the dance between connection, sometimes called communion, and autonomy, is an important part of leading a healthy, thriving life.

Your typologies, beliefs, cultural background, experience and evolution all come in to play around your relationship to autonomy and communion.


And none of that is bad, broken or wrong. By understanding where you stand in this relationship of autonomy and communion, you can use that standing place as a leverage point, AND you create the room to move, if that is what will best serve the situation.

In this intensive you will have the opportunity to explore this dance.

You will be supported in investigating your autonomy and your communion. You will get to practice the skills and mindsets that use each, have the chance to try out some places you maybe haven’t ventured to before, and know that you’ve got “safety gear” on, with the container of the program and the teachers holding the space.


Becoming Your Unique Next Best Self

A Three Month Integral Transformational Intensive

Launching the 2nd Week of January 2019

Early Bird Deadline November 30, 2018
All Applications Deadline December 21, 2018