Demetris Papsanakis

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Channeler of the Fairies & Life Coach With a Twist

Tarot & Oracle Cards

Live Taro Reading – Value Exchange $88 for 30 Minutes

Sessions done Via phone or internet using Zoom Web Meeting Software. Instructions emailed upon scheduling.

Recording Available Upon Request Prior to Appointment.


Demetris is claircognizant, clairaudient and clairvoyant , and someone whose gifts are expanding currently. He had over 5 years of experience working with tarot, oracle cards and did channelling classes as well.

He always knew he was different than most of his family if not all. Its a given when he could see spirits in his house, or even beg for his Pleiadian family to take him from earth? Weird? Not so much.

He had his awakening like most people in 2012 and what a ride that was... Even since his gifts are expanding and are manifesting rapidly.

He believes that each person in our lives is ourselves wearing a mask and also that they are in our lives for a reason.. We either choose them consciously or not they are here..

His gifts are oracle reading, clear knowing, clear hearing and clear seeing.. where a reading its taking place In most cases its all the between.

He channels the Fairies Artemis(his higher self) and AA Raphael. A client can ask who to channel but in most cases they come before a question is formed therefore its best to let it all flow naturally.

He uses oracle cards as a way of focusing energy and as a way of intuitively guiding someone back to his own self. He may not give you exactly what you want but he will give you what you need to hear.

Growing up Christian he knew something was more that what its there. There must be love without judgement. Therefore he gives exactly that. Love without judgement. Because he knows that indeed we are all brothers and sisters of the most Divine.. And we all have what it takes to be a blessing to us and to all of our beloveds